Lynn settles into life at the Barbaro house

Lynn was such a sweet, good natured pup.  She never gave me a reason to worry about her with Livie or the children.  She was a smiler, a lover, a wagger.  And yet, life with Lynn was not always simple.  Even if she had once been loved, Lynn had never been trained.  She just didn’tContinue reading “Lynn settles into life at the Barbaro house”

Lynn’s other affliction

After Lynn taught us to leave her out of her crate to keep her calm, we all settled into a routine.  She became a member of the household, following along with us as we transitioned through our days.  She loved joining us in the kitchen while we prepared meals and ate.  She loved exploring theContinue reading “Lynn’s other affliction”

Lynn teaches us a few things about heartworm treatment

Lynn was clearly distressed and anxious in her crate.  But the instructions with which she came said that she should be crated for her own good.  What was happening in my guest room did not sound like it was good for anyone, however.  The point of keeping an animal more or less sedentary during heartwormContinue reading “Lynn teaches us a few things about heartworm treatment”

Gerralynn comes home

After my tentative email offering our home for Gerralynn’s foster during her heartworm treatment, I got an email back from the foster director, Ann.  I had hesitantly offered our home because it wasn’t the perfect, calm household that a dog recovering from heartworm needs, but Ann responded back that it was indeed the perfect home…becauseContinue reading “Gerralynn comes home”


After returning Beans and Daisy to the shelter for adoption, I expected to continue to receive foster request emails by the dozen for kittens in need of foster while they grew.  We cleaned what had begun to be referred to as the “kitten room” and waited.  No emails featuring super adorable kittens arrived. At thatContinue reading “Gerralynn”

Back to class

Today I went back to dog walker training.  It had been about two years since I originally took the class. No, I didn’t mess up so many times that they sent me back to training (though I did mess up quite a bit!)!  In recounting my early experiences, I was reflecting on why they didn’tContinue reading “Back to class”

Following up with Daisy

Thank you to HSHV volunteer Sandra Pruden for adopting Daisy and then for giving me permission to share her beautiful photos.  See the gorgeous adolescent, and then adult, Daisy below! Sandra reports that Daisy is a joy (but we already knew that!).  She is a beloved member of the family.  Sandra told me that herContinue reading “Following up with Daisy”

Just when I thought I knew how to walk a dog…

I returned to the shelter the following week to walk dogs again.  After my unfortunate mistakes on my first shift, I was armed and ready with knowledge and confidence.  Today wasn’t as snowy as the day last week, but it was still cold…the kind of cold in which your nostrils freeze closed a little withContinue reading “Just when I thought I knew how to walk a dog…”

Feline Fosters

“Time spent with a cat is never wasted” Learn more about our feline fosters by clicking on the post titles beneath the names of the kitties! Shadow and Midnight The first fosters! The early days The kittens warm up to us…a little! Feline lice Goodbye Shadow and Midnight are adopted! Beans and Daisy The breakContinue reading “Feline Fosters”

Canine Fosters

Home is where the dog is. ~Abby Geni Click on the post title below the foster dog’s name to learn more about our foster experience with them! Morgan A dog! Morgan makes herself at home Things go wrong Following up with Morgan Following up with Morgan, Part 2 Gerralynn Gerralynn Gerralynn comes home! Lynn teachesContinue reading “Canine Fosters”