Gracie’s puppies – week 5

At five weeks old, the puppies were easily climbing out of their whelping box and were making messes everywhere.  They quickly chewed up puppy pads (and towels, blankets, and toys!).  Gracie decided that she was done eating their poop now that they were eating solid foods in addition to nursing, so clean up became aContinue reading “Gracie’s puppies – week 5”

Gracie’s puppies – Week 4

The puppies turned 4 weeks and their cuteness quotient nearly doubled!  The portly group of ten discovered how to coordinate their up-until-now clumsy appendages in efforts to escape the whelping box.  They tumbled out one by one over the course of a couple days, and just in time; they barely fit inside with Gracie anymore! Continue reading “Gracie’s puppies – Week 4”

Gracie’s puppies – Week 3

By their third week of life, the puppies were famous among our neighbors and friends.  The kids were so excited about the whole experience (and to be honest, I was just as excited!) that they told anyone who would listen about the miracle at our home.  And anyone who saw Gracie walking around the neighborhoodContinue reading “Gracie’s puppies – Week 3”

Gracie’s puppies – the first week

Friday (one day old): Gracie was reluctant to leave her puppies that first day, even to eat and drink or go outside for a quick potty break.  I brought her water bowl to her and she drank eagerly.  I offered her small amounts of food at a time, knowing that having eaten 10 placentas sheContinue reading “Gracie’s puppies – the first week”

Gracie comes home

We brought Gracie home on April 11, 2018.  Gracie was calm but attentive in the car.  She looked around with minimal curiosity and shifted her weight with the turns.  I regretted living a whole 20 minutes away from the shelter, knowing she must be uncomfortable.  At home, I took her for a quick 10 minuteContinue reading “Gracie comes home”

Meeting Gracie

At the shelter, I asked to meet Gracie.  I wanted to make sure that I felt comfortable with her, comfortable enough to bring her to our home, to temporarily join our family while she delivered and nursed her puppies.  Gracie’s breed, like a large proportion of the canines housed at the Humane Society of HuronContinue reading “Meeting Gracie”

The Bean puppies are ready for homes!

Today, the Humane Society of Huron Valley is taking applications and placing the Bean puppies (affectionately dubbed the Beanie Babies) into homes. The pups are at HSHV in Ann Arbor, ready to meet hoards of loving visitors and hopefully their perfect forever families. A quick note to their adopters from someone who loves them dearly:Continue reading “The Bean puppies are ready for homes!”

Bean puppies – Week 8

The Bean puppies are 8 weeks old today! Eight weeks represents such a vast transformation from 1 pound, sightless, suckling newborns into these giant toddlers with budding independence and emerging individuality.  The puppies are starting to venture a bit farther from the pack when we are outside.  When they realize they are solo, the pepContinue reading “Bean puppies – Week 8”

Who told on me?

I don’t know who is responsible, but someone told the puppies that I divulged all their messy secrets and now they are on a mission to prove me wrong.  They were perfect angels over the weekend and, I think for the first time ever while fostering puppies, I awoke to zero poops this morning. TheyContinue reading “Who told on me?”