Feline Fosters

“Time spent with a cat is never wasted” Learn more about our feline fosters by clicking on the post titles beneath the names of the kitties! Shadow and Midnight The first fosters! The early days The kittens warm up to us…a little! Feline lice Goodbye Shadow and Midnight are adopted! Beans and Daisy The breakContinue reading “Feline Fosters”

A very dog-like cat!

While my time, thoughts, and heart (and now lots of food!) were being gobbled up by Beans, the rest of the family was falling in love with Daisy.  Daisy was a unique cat.  To describe it succinctly, she was very much like a dog!  And while we totally love our feline fosters, we are, atContinue reading “A very dog-like cat!”

So, syringe feeding is more difficult than I imagined…

I started separating Beans and Daisy for meals four times each day.  They started becoming a lot more time consuming.  And a lot more mental energy consuming!  Daisy would polish off her meals with gusto.  Beans would lick his but not consume that much.  Agh!  I would put a little on his mouth and heContinue reading “So, syringe feeding is more difficult than I imagined…”

Something is wrong with Beans

After an enjoyable couple weeks with the foster kittens Daisy and Beans, I took them to the shelter vet for their 6 week vaccinations (they were now nearly 7 weeks old).  While there, the vet noticed that while Daisy had gained about half a pound in her time with us, Beans had not gained anyContinue reading “Something is wrong with Beans”

The break between fosters

After Shadow and Midnight were lice-free and back at the shelter, we had an empty house (okay, well, not exactly.  We still had six people, a dog, and a bearded dragon!  But no foster animals!).  After about 24 hours, the kids started asking about when we could foster next.  I was eager to jump backContinue reading “The break between fosters”

Feline Lice

After Shadow and Midnight had been with us six days, and had slowly began to trust us, the day for their lice dip arrived. Cat lice, feline pediculosis, are specific to cats, meaning they could not be transferred to humans or dogs.  This fact was important to me in deciding to bring these kitties home. Continue reading “Feline Lice”

The early days…

Prior to fostering, I had never had an indoor cat.  Growing up with farm animals, I had been around a fair number of cats, but barn cats.  Barn cats are a different animal all together than the house cat in terms of care.  Sure, we left some water and dry food out for them, butContinue reading “The early days…”

The first fosters!

And suddenly, you know: it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings. Meister Eckhart Only a couple days after the home visit, I received my first foster request email.  I think I would have taken any animal in any circumstance; that’s how excited I was!  So when I read about twoContinue reading “The first fosters!”