Just when I thought I knew how to walk a dog…

I returned to the shelter the following week to walk dogs again.  After my unfortunate mistakes on my first shift, I was armed and ready with knowledge and confidence.  Today wasn’t as snowy as the day last week, but it was still cold…the kind of cold in which your nostrils freeze closed a little withContinue reading “Just when I thought I knew how to walk a dog…”

Canine Fosters

Home is where the dog is. ~Abby Geni Click on the post title below the foster dog’s name to learn more about our foster experience with them! Morgan A dog! Morgan makes herself at home Things go wrong Following up with Morgan Following up with Morgan, Part 2 Gerralynn Gerralynn Gerralynn comes home! Lynn teachesContinue reading “Canine Fosters”

In which I make some rookie dog walker mistakes

My first day as an official, independent dog walker at the shelter was a cold one.  I was wearing my volunteer t-shirt though, really, there was no point to that; it was hidden under a sweatshirt, a down jacket, and a windbreaker.  Each exhalation condensed into a little puff of fog.  Inhaling the frigid airContinue reading “In which I make some rookie dog walker mistakes”

Dog walking

While waiting for my dog walking class date to arrive, I received an email that there had been a cancellation in an earlier class.  Would I like to fill that spot?  Uhhhh….YES!! I arrived at the three hour training 15 minutes early.  For those who know me (and those who are getting to know meContinue reading “Dog walking”

A very dog-like cat!

While my time, thoughts, and heart (and now lots of food!) were being gobbled up by Beans, the rest of the family was falling in love with Daisy.  Daisy was a unique cat.  To describe it succinctly, she was very much like a dog!  And while we totally love our feline fosters, we are, atContinue reading “A very dog-like cat!”

The most difficult part about fostering animals

For me, the most difficult part about fostering is the uncertainty.  I am such a Type A, planner personality, so all the unknown variables involved in fostering can be preoccupying.  Letting there be room for not knowing is the most important thing of all. When there’s a big disappointment, we don’t know if that’s theContinue reading “The most difficult part about fostering animals”

Following up with Morgan

I continued to feel super guilty about having taken Morgan back to the shelter.  I had wanted to offer her a safe haven, a place of peace in which to heal.  She was my very first canine foster and having it turn out so poorly made me question if I could ever successfully foster aContinue reading “Following up with Morgan”

Things go wrong…

The next morning, I walked Livie and Morgan and then set about preparing the children’s snacks and lunches for the day.  I could tell the dynamic with Morgan had changed.  Instead of wandering around the house on her own exploring everything like the day before, she was now right at my flank, matching my everyContinue reading “Things go wrong…”

Morgan makes herself at home…

For the first night, I tried to secure Morgan in the dining room to separate her and Livie when I wasn’t watching them.  Tried.  I closed off the two doorway openings with two and a half feet tall baby gates.  Inside the room I had a large crate set up and cozy bedding inside theContinue reading “Morgan makes herself at home…”

A Dog!

While we were waiting to regain some trust from Shadow and Midnight after their traumatic lice treatment dip, another foster request email arrived.  A dog, Morgan, needed foster while recovering from a surgery that she had to remove a mass from her hind leg.  She was a beautiful brown boxer mix senior, about 70 poundsContinue reading “A Dog!”