Heartworm stinks…so does the treatment

Once a dog has heartworm, it can be treated, but the treatment is costly, painful, and dangerous.  Lynn had already been treated at the shelter with her first injection of melarsomine, an organic arsenical chemotherapy agent used to kill heartworms.  Dogs with heartworm typically have three melarsomine injections, spaced out by 4-6 weeks to ensureContinue reading “Heartworm stinks…so does the treatment”

Canine Fosters

Home is where the dog is. ~Abby Geni Click on the post title below the foster dog’s name to learn more about our foster experience with them! Morgan A dog! Morgan makes herself at home Things go wrong Following up with Morgan Following up with Morgan, Part 2 Gerralynn Gerralynn Gerralynn comes home! Lynn teachesContinue reading “Canine Fosters”