Mama Beans taking a break

Beans is with her six 1 week old puppies 22 hours a day. She enjoys spending the remaining two hours sniffing around the block like her life depends on it, cuddling and squirming around on the couch, getting pets, devouring immense amounts of food, and checking out all the best hide and seek places onContinue reading “Mama Beans taking a break”

Love hurts

Beans was indeed growing while eating on his own.  Beans and Daisy’s intake date remained December 27th. Our foster kittens were almost ready to leave our home. Meanwhile, the Christmas holiday approached.  My five year old daughter, Nora, suddenly considered that Santa should bring gifts for Beans and Daisy!  We always hang a stocking forContinue reading “Love hurts”

Something is wrong with Beans

After an enjoyable couple weeks with the foster kittens Daisy and Beans, I took them to the shelter vet for their 6 week vaccinations (they were now nearly 7 weeks old).  While there, the vet noticed that while Daisy had gained about half a pound in her time with us, Beans had not gained anyContinue reading “Something is wrong with Beans”

5 things I didn’t know about fostering

 Every animal is different and requires something different of me.  I thought that once I had my “cat setup” and “dog setup” figured out, and I ironed out the kinks in our arrangements, I could just use the same format for each foster.  I thought I would never devote as much time and mental energyContinue reading “5 things I didn’t know about fostering”