Bean puppies – Week 8

The Bean puppies are 8 weeks old today! Eight weeks represents such a vast transformation from 1 pound, sightless, suckling newborns into these giant toddlers with budding independence and emerging individuality.  The puppies are starting to venture a bit farther from the pack when we are outside.  When they realize they are solo, the pepContinue reading “Bean puppies – Week 8”

Who told on me?

I don’t know who is responsible, but someone told the puppies that I divulged all their messy secrets and now they are on a mission to prove me wrong.  They were perfect angels over the weekend and, I think for the first time ever while fostering puppies, I awoke to zero poops this morning. TheyContinue reading “Who told on me?”

How will you let them go?

A few people have asked how we possibly let puppies go at the end of the foster period.   Besides the obvious impracticality of raising 6 (or 7, 8, 9 or 10) puppies to adulthood and the impact that would have on our ability to foster future homeless mamas and puppies (and, you know, doContinue reading “How will you let them go?”

Snow Day with the Bean puppies

The puppies adored the wonders of the great outdoors and have been eager to revisit the massive paradise that we call the backyard ever since. Sure, snow looks magical from the comforts of a climate controlled home.  Our area has a warm up in the forecast, so we will likely get to venture out againContinue reading “Snow Day with the Bean puppies”

Bean puppies – Week 7

The Bean puppies are 7 weeks old today!  They are all friendly, playful, joyful and, it goes without saying, adorable pups. They continue to pack on the pounds.  Pinto and Zulu have exceeded 16 pounds and the “smaller” ones are over 13 pounds. We were gifted with a sunny, 45 degree January day here inContinue reading “Bean puppies – Week 7”

Bean puppies personality profiles

The Bean puppies are continuing to thrive.  They are happy, playful pups.  Favorite things include wrestling with each other, playing with toys, cuddles with people, food, and playing with the children.  As they grow, their little personality differences are becoming more apparent.  Zulu Love Bean: Zulu (often referred to affectionately at Zu Zu or LuContinue reading “Bean puppies personality profiles”

Goodbye is the hardest part

We said goodbye to Beans yesterday.  She had given us the signs that she was ready to wean the pups (entering the puppy pen only a few times each day for a couple minutes – refusing to go in even when there was food available in there – and giving the pups a corrective growlContinue reading “Goodbye is the hardest part”

Bean puppies – Week 6

2020! Happy New Year!  The bean puppies are 6 weeks old today! Only Pinto and String made it to midnight to party in the arrival of the New Year.  Amazing to look back over the growth chart and see how much has changed in a mere 6 weeks.  Zulu Love Bean has grown from 1.02Continue reading “Bean puppies – Week 6”

Breaking News – Puppies use puppy pads!

Now that the puppies are roaming around the puppy pen sans confinement in their whelping box, I was expecting the beginning of poopapalooza.  (For those who have never cared for a litter of very young puppies, poopapalooza = the condition in which puppies play and party so hard that poop covers every square inch ofContinue reading “Breaking News – Puppies use puppy pads!”