The Bean puppies are ready for homes!

Today, the Humane Society of Huron Valley is taking applications and placing the Bean puppies (affectionately dubbed the Beanie Babies) into homes. The pups are at HSHV in Ann Arbor, ready to meet hoards of loving visitors and hopefully their perfect forever families.

A quick note to their adopters from someone who loves them dearly:

Puppies are often a pain (and adorable pain, to be sure!). They can be annoying, perplexing, messy. While their actions threaten to test the limits of our patience, they require the absolute best, most consistent versions of ourselves.

Please remember that these babies will be scared about being away from their siblings and being in a completely new environment on their first few days/nights. Be patient with their crying (and with the chortling/howling that Bean Sprout emits). In only a few short days, they will learn that they are safely home.

They have sharp teeth (and claws). All puppies do. Do your research about training and follow through. Teach the whole family about replacing hands with toys and using appropriate distraction techniques.

These puppies have never been walked on a leash. It may be weeks before they are able to go for a walk with you. Read about leash training. Let them drag one around your house. Pick up the end and follow them around. Let them go slowly.

To help with housebreaking, keep them in a small part of your home at first. Take them out a lot. Reward them when they go outside.

Forgive them when they chew something that they shouldn’t. Give them ample things to chew.

Basically, remember that they are new in your home, new to the world. While they will grow to be your family, your partner, your best friend, they are babies now, relying on you for guidance.

This most difficult day of any foster journey is ameliorated by knowing these babies are off to live their best lives with families that adore them. (And having this forum on which to unload my pedantic musings is also helpful!)

For over 6 months, we have had a foster (or quite a few!) in our home without a day’s lapse. (Before that, we were on vacation for a week and had a neighbor/fellow volunteer take a litter of kittens in for adoption for us!). So the house feels a bit empty and quiet. I am going to clean the puppy pen, finish up the last loads of Bean puppy laundry, and wonder which animal will visit us next!

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