Who told on me?

I don’t know who is responsible, but someone told the puppies that I divulged all their messy secrets and now they are on a mission to prove me wrong.  They were perfect angels over the weekend and, I think for the first time ever while fostering puppies, I awoke to zero poops this morning.

They are definitely showing an ability to “hold it” for longer and a preference for going outside to eliminate, but I am unable to comply at night or early morning when it’s dark (definitely don’t want to lose a puppy!).  But all six Bean puppies got some snuggles and breakfast this morning and then almost simultaneously went over to the puppy pads to poop.  Mind blown!  Easiest morning clean up ever! 

As they grow, they are pooping less often day by day, and also eating a higher proportion of dry food, which has firmed up their poops.  As far as puppies go, this crew has by far been the neatest.  I am hopeful that the tidiness of their infancy translates into simple housebreaking for their forever families. 

The past few days, as the puppies get older and stronger, I have been letting them out to play even in the chillier temperatures.  But as they explore the outdoors more, they get more adventurous and extra eyes and hands are helpful. 

Anne came over Friday to help with puppy wrangling.  My sweet neighbor (who has never once complained about our stream of puppies that eventually spill out into her yard) commented, “By the time they make it to the second tree, they are ready for adoption!”  Upon reflection, she is absolutely correct!  The second tree is about 50 feet out from our house, a distance puppies are confidently traversing by 8 weeks.

Saturday, the puppies met Teddy, who invited them all to play tag.  They were cautious at first (wisely so; Teddy is a giant), but soon indulged his desires to play. He was careful to not step (or pee!) on even one (hard work for a 1 year old). Our weather Saturday was gross, with intermittent cold rain, so we had to squeeze in outdoor time when available for all the canines in our house. 

We also brought the puppies upstairs to play some.

My sweet friend Dannille and her two daughters came over to play with the puppies yesterday.  We took them outside and they romped in the dusting of snow we had gotten overnight.  A few were a bit perturbed (who broke the outdoors?  Where’s the thermostat?), but they mostly enjoyed their 15 minute romp. 

Afterward, brave Dannille and fam sat in the puppy pen with this rascally bunch for over an hour until all 6 puppies were snoring. 

They slept hard for a few hours and then were ready to play again.

 These puppies are being showered with love, attention, and a range of experiences. I am already jealous of the lucky families who get to raise them to adulthood and I can’t wait for updates!

2 thoughts on “Who told on me?

  1. You’re going to miss those baby beans! They are so adorable. I hope you can follow their futures!!❤️

    1. We are TOTALLY going to miss them! They have been such a joy. I am also hopeful that we will receive the occasional update from their adopters. Each of our fosters forever holds a piece of our hearts and we are always excited to hear news as they adjust to their forever homes and live out their happy lives.

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