Snow Day with the Bean puppies

The puppies adored the wonders of the great outdoors and have been eager to revisit the massive paradise that we call the backyard ever since.

Sure, snow looks magical from the comforts of a climate controlled home. 


Our area has a warm up in the forecast, so we will likely get to venture out again soon.

I think their eagerness to get outside coupled with their relative tidiness in the puppy pen (please note the use of the word relative; tidy is an egregious word to describe a litter of 7 week old puppies), will make for relatively (there it is again) easy potty training.  These are some clever pups determined to keep their surroundings clean.

We took a trip to the vet yesterday evening for check ups and vaccinations.  The pups were greeted with several enthusiastic puppy snugglers (aka staff members pleased to end their work days with puppy kisses).  Dr. Julie declared them massive and healthy (though we already knew that!). 

Now they will just mature a little and teach each other about bite inhibition and appropriate playing before they head off into their forever homes. Our role will be continuing to socialize them, allow them adequate exercise, make sure they receive excellent nutrition, and clean, clean, clean (more on that next time).

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