Bean puppies – Week 7

The Bean puppies are 7 weeks old today!  They are all friendly, playful, joyful and, it goes without saying, adorable pups.

They continue to pack on the pounds.  Pinto and Zulu have exceeded 16 pounds and the “smaller” ones are over 13 pounds.

We were gifted with a sunny, 45 degree January day here in Michigan yesterday.  With past litters, we have started letting them romp around outdoors a few times each day (and deposit some of their poops there!) at around 6 ½ weeks of age.  But due to the season, I didn’t think these Bean puppies would be so lucky.  Lo and behold…sun!

Some of the puppies were cautious about venturing into the great outdoors…for about 10 seconds.  Then, they were off and running like children just let out of school. 

The first time the puppies are presented with an open door

The puppies went outside twice yesterday, each time for about 15 minutes. They ran around like crazy, discovered sticks and leaves, and enjoyed extended games of chase the children. In summary, they enjoyed puppy paradise!

Unfortunately for them, we got some snow and ice overnight and the high today is about 20 degrees colder than yesterday.  Just when the puppies discovered the joys and freedoms of the great outdoors, they will have their playtime restricted to indoors again. 

The puppies have continued to have a slew of visitors.  We have a busy household and consort with many a dog lover (who would have thought?!).  The puppies adore human attention and our visitors oblige. 

This evening, the puppies have a veterinary appointment with Dr. Julie Spencer at HSHV.  Dr. Julie will give them each a checkup and their vaccinations. 

Big news yesterday: Amina/Beans was adopted!  She went home with a wonderful couple who fell in love with her and are looking forward to making her part of the family.  I am so excited for her, so glad she’s finally home.

I went to the shelter yesterday morning to visit with her and say our final goodbyes.  She bowled me over with leaps and kisses.  She had been spayed the day before and was in no position to chase balls or go for a long walk (though she didn’t seem to know it!), so we hung out in a play yard for some snuggles and relaxation in the sun. 

Beans gave me a complete sniff down.  I am sure that I constantly smell like puppy to any discerning dog nose (and probably to many humans…sorry).  I don’t know how much of the monologue she understood, but I reassured her that the pups are thriving and that she was moving on, that very day, to her forever home.

Another adoption, another happy ending.  Why then do I still feel the anguish – with which every foster is probably familiar – deep in my heart?  I try to remind myself that the pain is a product of the love, just another sign that my well is deep.  When we do this right, it simply hurts at times.  Goodbye, sweet girl.  Happy life.    

5 thoughts on “Bean puppies – Week 7

  1. Thank you for sharing this story and the photos and videos. It really cheered me up, and I love seeing Beans with her new family. She’s a good mama and can now enjoy her own family! I know it was the wind in the camera mike, but when the puppies run around in the first video, it sounds like they are thundering around. : )

    1. They are big puppies…! Maybe not thunderously big…
      I remember the days when Ruby was first exploring the outdoors as well (for those who don’t know Barbara, she and her family adopted a puppy born here to another blue pitty a couple years ago). Always such a joyful time! I am glad that the Michigan winter cooperated with us yesterday. Though these are smart pups and they have been begging at the door today to go out and play some more. That white stuff looks fun from the comfort of a 70 degree house!

  2. Thank you for sharing your story and their stores!!!!! I am so happy Mama Bean was adopted by a good couple who will give her the life she deserves! I have to say the Bean babies are so happy and that’s 100% because of you!!!!! Thank you for everything you and your family does to help and save these special souls ❤️🐾 our family would love to meet the bean babies to see if we could find a brother or sister to our very special girls Blu and Goose ❤️🐾

    1. Yay! So exciting that you are potentially ready to expand your doggy family!
      Please contact the Humane Society of Huron Valley with all adoption questions. They will be happy to help you with the entire process from application to meet and greets and adoption. I am imagining a flurry of interest in these guys when they’re ready (and am therefore humbly deferring to the experts!). Best of luck!
      (Don’t forget to explore the love train option as well!)

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