Bean puppies personality profiles

The Bean puppies are continuing to thrive.  They are happy, playful pups.  Favorite things include wrestling with each other, playing with toys, cuddles with people, food, and playing with the children. 

As they grow, their little personality differences are becoming more apparent. 

Zulu Love Bean:

Zulu Love Bean

Zulu (often referred to affectionately at Zu Zu or Lu Lu around here) is one of the more gregarious pups.  She boldly approaches new things (baby stroller that Nora is pushing around at top speed?  Sure, I should definitely get in on that fun!) and people (an extra person to cuddle and nibble?  Best day ever!).  Zulu is a big, happy girl. 

Fava Bean

Fava Bean:

Fava is excited about life and loves the opportunity to play with people and toys.  She is slightly more calm than some of her siblings, settling down for tummy rubs while they’re still running laps and gnawing on hands.  When put into new situations, Fava takes a good look around first, but is then ready to discover the fun.

Vanilla Bean:

Vanilla Bean

Vanilla is at once the most timid and most scrappy puppy in this litter (that often happens with the smaller ones).  Vanilla is usually the instigator of puppy wrestle time with her siblings.  She loves climbing into the laps of people she knows and runs to get toys to suggest a play session.  When faced with new people, places (like a different part of the house!), or situations (new sounds!), however, she approaches cautiously.  She stretches out her nose to investigate, keeping her tail tucked, until she feels comfortable (at which point, the tail is out and the tongue is licking!).  Smart girl.

Pinto Bean:

Pinto Bean

Pinto loves a good play session.  He has been the first to figure out the fun and rewarding game of “follow the human”.  Mae has indulged him in this and runs back and forth through the house calling “Pinto, Pinto, Pinto” with him right on her heels wagging.  After they are both tired, he crawls into her lap for a waggy snuggle.  Pinto is more likely to lick than nibble, pushing him into crowd favorite territory!

String Bean:

String Bean

String is a super confident pup, always approaching life with enthusiasm.  He warms up to new people and things readily.  He is usually the first to hop up when I approach the puppy pen.  String places his paws up on the gate with a “pick me first, pick me first” wag that usually works.  He oscillates between being the most cuddly and the most bitey, but, either way, he is always vying for attention…and always getting it!  String was the first to master the climb out of the whelping box weeks ago, early evidence of his intelligence and determination.

Bean Sprout:

Bean Sprout

Sprout is the most mellow of all the Bean puppies.  He enjoys a good play session with toys and running around with siblings, but is almost always ready for a calm cuddle.  He looks at us with these penetrating gazes that are so endearing.  When we approach the puppy pen, Sprout is usually sitting by the gate, waiting patiently for the person to either enter the pen or to take him out for some play time.  Sprout rarely barks or growls. 

Someone recently asked how we get pictures of the puppies that aren’t blurry (as they tried to capture a picture of them on their phone which was, of course, blurry). 

To achieve the non-blurry picture of an active puppy: 

  1. Play with the puppies until they are almost, but not quite, asleep.
  2. Transfer them to a part of the house they are not really familiar with so they are slightly slower to romp off and explore.
  3. Have several children readily available to reposition and snuggle puppies.
  4. Take 100 pictures of each puppy.
  5. Delete 96 pictures of each puppy.

Easy, peasy.

A few of the extras and behind the scenes shots of puppy photography in action:

Vanilla finds a fun new chew toy (my toes!) mid photo shoot!

Meanwhile, Mama Bean is at the Humane Society of Huron Valley. She has passed her health check and behavioral assessments with flying colors and is ready for adoption. If you’re local and interested, please go meet her!

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