Bean puppies – Week 6

2020! Happy New Year!  The bean puppies are 6 weeks old today!

Only Pinto and String made it to midnight to party in the arrival of the New Year. 

Amazing to look back over the growth chart and see how much has changed in a mere 6 weeks. 

Zulu Love Bean has grown from 1.02 lbs at birth to 12.6 lbs today.

Pinto Bean has grown from 1.10 lbs at birth to 12.5 lbs today.

Bean Sprout has grown from 1.08 lbs at birth to 10.68 lbs today.

Fava Bean has grown from 10.64 lbs at birth to 10.64 lbs today.

String Bean has grown from 0.98 lbs at birth to 10.54 lbs today.

Vanilla Bean has grown from 0.94 lbs at birth to 10.38 lbs today.

Within the week, the puppies will be completely weaned from their mother.  Amina/Beans will check in at the shelter for a complete health check, a behavior assessment, decompression time, and finally sterilization and adoption. 

Now is the time to socialize the puppies.  They will spend the next couple weeks being snuggled by various people.  The more they are exposed to in their puppyhood, the less likely they will be to develop fears of those things.  While they still cannot venture out into the world because a) brrr…. and b) they are not fully vaccinated, we can bring a little of the world to them. 

They had a good start with some New Year’s fireworks last night:  the puppies snoozed right through the blasts (except String Bean and Pinto Bean, who were partying of course!).

We hope you all have a wonderful start to 2020!

2 thoughts on “Bean puppies – Week 6

  1. Hi! When do you think these adorable babies will be available for adoption? Thanks for taking such good care of them ❤️🐾

    1. Hi! Thanks for following along.
      The puppies have a vet appt next Wednesday evening. At that appt, in addition to receiving vaccinations and dewormers, they will also get a general health and development check and the veterinarian will determine when they will be ready for adoption. Stay posted!
      (They will be eight weeks old, the minimum for sterilization and adoption, on the 15th.)

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