Bean puppies – Week 5

Merry Christmas!  The Bean puppies are 5 weeks old today!

We have been enjoying beautiful weather here in Michigan and Mama Bean has been soaking up the sunshine. 

This past week has been one of serious growth and development for the Bean pups. 

One by one, they started scaling the sides of the whelping box.  A pup pops out, victorious, only to find themselves alone in the vast world of the puppy pen (for of course mama hops up on the chair to evade the claws and teeth). 

In this video, String is delighted to find me waiting on the outside, but the typical response to finding himself alone was a distress call that would wake the dead (or at least the sleeping!).

String demonstrating to his siblings how to sneak out of the whelping box

To solve this problem for poor String and his siblings, the whelping box had to go.  Ryan hauled it out and replaced it with a toddler mattress.  The puppies now have the full range of the puppy pen, which they think is incredible.  Mama Bean disagrees.  She is increasingly reluctant to enter the puppy pen with the swarm of puppies waiting just inside to “attack nurse” on her. She clearly misses the good old days when she could simply step out of the box to escape the many sharp claws and teeth.

Poor Mama Bean

The puppies are playing with vigor these days.  They love playing with toys, each other, and people.  They were delighted that Nora hung a stocking for them, which was filled this morning with a few new toys for their feisty games of tug. But when given the choice between food, toys, or climbing on children…the children win, paws down.

The puppies are difficult to weigh these days.  The scale top is slick and they barely fit.  Imagine a horse on ice skates for an appropriate visual.  As I weigh each pup, the registered weight flickers up and down as they wiggle and the other puppies investigate.  I am rarely sure if the weight reflects all four legs or maybe an extra paw from a sibling.  As they all approach 10 pounds, I will start weighing myself and then myself with each pup to achieve a more accurate weight. 

Today’s weights:

Zulu – 9.98lb

Pinto – 9.10lb

Sprout – 8.28lb

Fava – 8.88lb

String – 8.68lb

Vanilla – 8.62lb

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I hope everyone enjoys the holiday with friends, family and pets!

Merry Christmas morning

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