Meal Time

As Beans nurses the puppies less and less frequently, they are growing an interest in food (and they are growing teeth, which may be why Beans is less interested in nursing them!).  They are almost 4 weeks old; it is time to see what they think about eating.

I scoop some wet puppy food (further softened with some warm water) in a puppy bowl and place it before them.  I then add puppy by puppy with their faces close to the food.  Some start eating with vigor and others turn away.  It will likely take a week or so for everyone to catch on. They will nurse a little less week by week and get more of their calories from food as that happens.  Meanwhile, I will offer food a few times each day and mama will clean up whatever the puppies don’t finish.

Interested in learning more about the transition to solids? Read more about “What 4 week old puppies eat”.

Beans reluctantly nursing the almost 4 week old puppies. She doesn’t stay with them long now before moving out of reach.
Pinto trying to sleep upside down despite the commotion around him
The puppies trying food for the first time (note: the red splatters on the towel are paint stains, NOT blood!)

Check back in with Wednesday for a 4 week old puppy update!

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