Snuggle Puppies

And suddenly, just like that, the puppies are wagging and snuggling into laps!  Their tails are little clock pendulums, measuring out the happiness found between puppies and children. 

Tiny white teeth have emerged, much to Beans’ annoyance.  I trimmed and filed their little razors of claws yesterday, but there is nothing I can do to protect her from their puppy teeth.  She walks through the whelping box, cleaning as she goes, and six puppies jump up on their hind legs nursing as she moves.

They are desperate to climb out of the whelping box and explore the world.  We are taking guesses on when they will be successful and the most common prediction is Sunday.

For now, Beans naps outside the box, ignoring their pleas for more uninterrupted nursing time.  I admire her ability to discern actual cries from those petulant “mommy, mommy, mommy” calls.  I wonder if she realizes how fleeting this time is, how quickly they will be climbing all over her. 

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