Bean Puppies – Week 3

Beans’ sweet puppers are 3 weeks old today.

New this week:

  • They are all up walking.
  •  Teeth are emerging.
  •  Rather than squealing each time I pick them up to weigh them or change the bedding, they approach me and wag. 
  • The cutest little barks and snarls are emerging from the whelping box.
  • They are learning how to prop themselves up on the pig rail, the board located about 6 inches high inside the whelping box.  By next week, I imagine I will be reporting some escapee puppies.
  • Their claws are razor sharp, good for gripping as they learn to wobble walk…not so good for mama Beans’ tender underside.  I will be giving them their first nail trim and file for her sake later today.
  • They play together!


Zulu Love Bean is still the largest.  She weighed 5.86lb this morning.

The smallest is Vanilla Bean at 4.80lb.


Mama Beans is still quite attentive to the puppies.  She enjoys spending time out for short walks and cuddling on the couch, but she is quick to respond when any of the puppies makes a peep.  She gets in on the excitement of card games and is a superb homework “helper”, nudging her way into each lap. 

Thankfully, she hasn’t had any limping at all this week, but we are still taking care to keep the whelping box well padded and the walks short and calm.  As long as the kids are around to take Teddy and Livie’s leashes, we can walk Beans with Teddy and Livie with confidence.  She enjoys seeing them and walking with them.  They are over the initial thrill of a new dog and can walk peaceably next to each other. 

Beans still has a voracious appetite, for which I am thankful.  She looks really healthy despite nursing six, quickly growing puppies. 

Mama Beans taking a much deserved nap (turn up volume for snoring!)

This coming week is an exciting one in puppy development.  The puppies can see and hear and will soon be climbing out of the whelping box and displaying their individual personalities.

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