Mama Beans taking a break

Beans is with her six 1 week old puppies 22 hours a day. She enjoys spending the remaining two hours sniffing around the block like her life depends on it, cuddling and squirming around on the couch, getting pets, devouring immense amounts of food, and checking out all the best hide and seek places on our lower level (box of balls, wrapping paper collection, under the train table, and in the children’s play house under the blankets are among the best she’s found).

Can you spot Beans in the ball box?!
Beans out for a walk, sniffing everything

When the walk is complete and Beans has had time to act like a puppy herself, it is time to return to her puppies. Beans is easily lured back into the pen with a meal, a treat, or a mere squeak from one of the puppies.

The puppies still have sealed eyes on day 12. We keep peeking carefully at them carefully; we are expecting to have some puppies peeking back at us over the next couple days.

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