Andrew, Mae, Nora, and Dane holding Beans’ puppies (photo cred: Anne Savage)

The children decide to give them names with “Bean”.

Mae names the almost all white female Vanilla Bean.

Dane names the dark gray one with the skinniest facial stripe String Bean.

Nora wants a name with “heart” or “love” in it for the white female with the heart shapes on her side and rump.  A quick internet search reveals that the largest bean in the world is the Zulu Love Bean.  So perfect!

Zulu Love Bean (photo cred: Anne Savage)

Andrew names the other white female Fava Bean.

Usually Ryan and I also join the fun in naming, but we decided to bequeath the honor to Anne (who was so incredibly helpful with the pen and whelping box construction, couch acquisition, and, though she might not know it yet, with eventual puppy poop clean-up!).  Anne names one of the remaining males, the smallest one, Bean Sprout.

Finally, we decide to leave the name of the final, largest male up to the community.  The Humane Society of Huron Valley posts a poll Tuesday evening, asking for preferences between Pinto Bean, Coffee Bean, and Chili Bean. 

When almost 400 votes are tallied, the winner (by quite a margin over second place “Chili”) is….Pinto.

Now all the puppies have names, and should be opening their eyes sometime soon (usually between 10 and 14 days and they are 10 days old today), which marks a whole new phase of puppy development as they start to take in the world around them and reveal individual personalities. 

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