Lynn is adopted!

On Saturday, Roger arrived at our home eager to meet Lynn.  He had recently lost his wife and dog and was searching for a new companion. 

I told him all the wonderful things we had learned about Lynn as we got to know her.  When he asked about her house manners, I was brutally honest about where she had started…but also about how far she had come over the six weeks she had been with us.  She wasn’t perfect, but she was definitely a people pleaser and was eager to learn. 

(I left out the part about the diarrhea!  Lynn had recently returned to solid poops, thank goodness, and was finishing up the meds by the time she met Roger.)    

Roger was an older gentleman and he had slightly reduced balance and mobility.  He was concerned that he wouldn’t be able to walk Lynn safely.  His last dog had been around 40 pounds and while he loved the look and temperament of Lynn so far, he was worried that her size (about 70 pounds) coupled with her energy (high) would prove too much of a challenge. 

Roger asked if we could go for a short walk together so he could see how Lynn walked on a leash.  We did and Lynn was her usual phenomenal self.  Roger was impressed and I could see that he was seriously considering life with Lynn.  He worked from home and they could provide each other company all day. 

Over the next couple days, I tried to distract myself from wondering about Roger’s decision.  Would he decide to adopt her?  Would he, like Andrea and Tom, pass on her with hopes of finding a better match? 

I received a message that Monday.  Roger was moving forward with adopting Lynn!  He had completed the paperwork and was willing to continue her heartworm treatment care, which at this point was simply a wait and see and a recheck in a few months.  Yay!  I celebrated with Lynn.  She had scored a home with someone who would love her and shower her with the time and attention she craved. 

Our family, knowing Lynn would be leaving that week, lavished her with our love and attention.  We were so happy for her, but also sad that she was leaving us.  She was such a sweet, good natured pup and we would miss her.

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