Lynn meets potential adopters

Lynn became available for adoption after her heartworm treatment.  She still needed a (long) while to recover and couldn’t be deemed heartworm free for months so would remain with us in foster, but if a potential adopter met her and fell in love, they could finalize the adoption and complete her care and treatment.

Lynn chewing on an indestructible bone toy

I received an email that a potential adopter was interested in meeting her!  We could bring her to the shelter for the interaction or we could communicate with the interested person about meeting at our house or somewhere neutral.  I got the contact info and reached out to see what was best for Andrea.

Andrea and her boyfriend Tom were located close to us, and we thought meeting at our house might show Lynn in her best light.  We anxiously awaited the meeting, four whole days from when we set it up (nothing like having something that you’re nervous/excited for to really slow down four days!). 

Andrea and Tom were right on time to meet Lynn.  They were a young couple eager to adopt their first dog together.

I had secured Livie in another room.  We didn’t want her soaking up any of the attention that Lynn deserved nor distracting Lynn from giving all her attention to her potential adopters. 

Andrea and Tom asked a lot of questions about Lynn.

“When would we know if she was heartworm free?” – 4-6 months

“What if she isn’t?” – you would need to consult a vet about that; maybe she would need to restart the treatment.

“Is she housebroken?” – not exactly.  But we’ve been working on it and she is showing improvement.

“How is she with other dogs?” – fabulous!

“What is going on with her bottom?” – and here I explained vaginal prolapse.

“Will she ever look normal?” – I really don’t know (but don’t you think she’s beautiful?!).

“We are both gone all day.  Do you think she will be okay with that?” – she does enjoy company and stimulation.  But a lot of people work all day and there are solutions for that like dog walkers and doggie camps.

When they were done asking questions, I raved about all of Lynn’s most endearing qualities.  She was the sweetest, most good natured dog.  I could say that enthusiastically and honestly.  She was great on a walk. 

Did they want to take her for a 5-10 minute walk around our cul-de-sac to chat about her and see what a good girl she was?  They did.

Andrea and Tom returned Lynn, gave her some pets, and said they would be in touch with me and the shelter staff about their decision over the next couple days. 

A couple more long days…

I tried to process how it would feel to have Lynn leave.  I had totally mixed feelings because I was excited for her to start her “real life” and it would be a relief to have completed this bridge between the shelter and that forever home, but I had also fallen in love with sweet Lynn and knew it would be difficult to actually say goodbye.

The email arrived!  I clicked on it with anticipation… 

But Andrea and Tom had decided to pass on Gerralynn.  They didn’t feel like she would be a good fit for them.  I wondered if I should have been less honest about her desire to be with humans all the time.  But then Lynn would be less happy, and probably her owners would be too.  She really did love a lot of interaction.  She deserved that.  She would have to keep looking. 

Meanwhile, Lynn continued to be a bright spot and the humor in many of our days.  She kept us laughing with her antics, fretting with her shenanigans, and loving her with her snuggles.  Livie had clearly fallen in love with her too.  Maybe she had already found her forever home?

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