Following up with Daisy

Thank you to HSHV volunteer Sandra Pruden for adopting Daisy and then for giving me permission to share her beautiful photos.  See the gorgeous adolescent, and then adult, Daisy below!

Sandra reports that Daisy is a joy (but we already knew that!).  She is a beloved member of the family.  Sandra told me that her granddaughter’s first word was Daisy!  She loves snuggles and belly rubs and gets plenty of them!

Daisy’s fur-ever home is a kitty wonderland of climbers, cat trees, and the classic cardboard box! 

She enjoys supervised outdoor time in Sandra’s secured backyard (Sandra has emphasized these safety features to me a few times when sharing outdoor photos of Daisy, which lets me know just how knowledgeable she is, both about how much cats enjoy outside time and about keeping them safe). 

I am so happy to know that Daisy (the very dog-like cat!) ended up in such a loving, perfect home.  She is clearly living her best life!

To learn more about volunteering at the shelter or fostering animals in your home, please visit the HSHV’s volunteer page.

Learn more about available animals at HSHV, and the adoption process.

If you are not local but do want to get involved, find your local animal shelter online and learn more.

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