Following up with Morgan, Part 2

While at the shelter this morning, I asked about Morgan.  We had fostered her two years ago, and while our time together had ended with her biting Livie (to the tune of a $300 vet visit!), we still thought of her fondly. 

We had wondered where she was and what she was up to on numerous occasions.  I had shied away from asking questions about her; I tend to default to trying to not be intrusive or obnoxious, often unduly and to a fault.

But I asked today.  The staff member searched for Morgan and I saw her face change when the answer popped up on her screen.  I knew before she said it.  I think I knew before I asked. 

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Morgan had been humanely euthanized a few months after her foster period with us.  Her cancer, the reason she had been placed in foster in the first place, had returned.  The veterinary staff had deemed her inoperable, and sometimes humane euthanasia is preferable to several months of painful decline. 

Morgan had spent about a month at the shelter and about three months in a loving foster home (without other dogs with whom to compete for her rightful place on the couch!) before euthanasia.  I like to think she had found peace before passing.

HSHV has the highest save rate of any shelter in Michigan and is committed to helping as many animals as possible recover, rehabilitate, and find loving forever homes. Sometimes, however, humane euthanasia is the kindest option, for the animal or for the community. Read more about HSHV and their no-kill efforts.

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