A very dog-like cat!

While my time, thoughts, and heart (and now lots of food!) were being gobbled up by Beans, the rest of the family was falling in love with Daisy. 

Daisy was a unique cat.  To describe it succinctly, she was very much like a dog!  And while we totally love our feline fosters, we are, at the core, dog people.  Daisy loved to fetch.  When a toy was tossed, she would dash after it and then bring it back!  After about 20 retrievals, she would plop down on the floor panting…just like a dog!  She also loved a good tummy rub.  When picked up, Daisy would flop loosely in our arms purring just as content as could be.  Watching the kids and my husband playing with her, and delighting in her, warmed my heart.

Daisy was 10 weeks old and well over the 2 pound weight necessary for a spay surgery.  She was keeping Beans company, however, while he gained weight through syringe feeding.  After three weeks of dedicated help, he was ready to try eating on his own again.  If he continued to play and grow for a week while eating on his own, they both could go back to the shelter to win the hearts of their forever families.  But they had already won our hearts. 

My husband could be heard saying every couple days, “if we ever adopted a cat, I would want it to be one just like Daisy.”  The kids agreed. 

I loved Daisy too, but personally felt super attached to Beans after nursing him back to health and growth.  The sound of John’s voice (the home inspector for the foster program at the Humane Society) saying that he had me pegged as a foster failure by the third case (and this was the third case!), echoed in my mind. 

Should we adopt Beans and Daisy?  I tried to imagine life with two kittens (and soon, cats) in the home.  Would we still be able to foster the next kittens or dogs who needed a helping hand and resting place on their way to adoption if we had more resident animals?  Their date of return was scheduled for December 27th.  We didn’t have long to decide. 

Daisy and Beans playing

I was still following the Humane Society of Huron Valley’s facebook page closely for news about our foster dog, Morgan when I noticed a fellow volunteer seeking a Siamese mix kitten.  This was the impetus our family needed to discuss the reality of adopting kittens.  We talked and decided that while we certainly loved these babies, we were ready to let them move on with their lives…and what better placement for our beloved Daisy than with an animal loving Humane Society volunteer?!  I sent Daisy’s picture and some of her story to the volunteer.  While Daisy was probably more Ragdoll than Siamese, she was still exactly what the volunteer was looking for.  Serendipitously, she intended to name her next white feline Daisy, after a former beloved pet!

2 thoughts on “A very dog-like cat!

  1. Does Daisy think she is a kangaroo? Her jumps make me laugh out loud.

    They both are super cute.

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