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Shadow and Midnight are adopted!

Shadow and Midnight

The kids and I went back to the shelter to visit with our first feline fosters, Shadow and Midnight, several times during their stay there.  They were stationed in the kitten room in a cage together.  They looked a little bewildered, but would stick out a paw to play.  There were many kittens in the cages on either side of them, and below them (there are two rows of kitten cages in the kitten room).  Adopters would have their choice of kitten colors and temperaments.  Would these slightly older and more shy kittens stand a chance of snagging an adopter in this sea of cute kittens?! 

After a two week shelter stay, Shadow won the hearts of his adopters!  I was checking the shelter’s facebook page nightly and I was so excited to share the news of his adoption with the kids. 

As the days passed, I worried for Midnight.  How was she doing all alone without her brother?  At three weeks, she had been in her cage at the shelter as long as she had been at our home.  One day, when I was at the shelter volunteering, I went by to visit her and saw an orange adoption pending card on her cage!  She had been picked and was going home!  The next day, the facebook page announced her adoption; it was official!  The feeling when a foster is adopted is amazing!  I knew that we were one, very important, step on their way from homeless to loved. 

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